.IT domains: names with accented and special letters (IDN) available

14 June 2012

From July 11, 2012 it will be possibile to register an Internazionalized Domain Name (IDN) also with an .IT domain.
IDN are internazionalized domain names that can contain special characters in addition to the traditional ones of the alphabet, giving the opportunity to exactly represent terms and expressions that use, for example, accented letters, (è, or é), diacritic symbols such as the diaeresis (ü) and the ring (å), all the characters of the Bulgarian and Greek alphabet, etc.
In particular, the special characters allowed in the Register of the .IT domains are the following:

non ASCII charachters allowed in an Internationalized Domain Name .IT
à â ä è é ê ë ì î ï ò
ô ö ß ù û ü æ œ ç ÿ  

Together with the publishing of said IDN, the Register for the names of .IT domains foresees the opening of the registrations to all the Euroepan Economic Area (EEA) – that is the 27 countries of the European Union together with Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway – and the Vatican State, the Republic of San Marino and the Swiss Confederation.

We believe it is advisable that the owners of trademarks including special characters act in order to protect their distinctive marks and avoid possibile expenses for the retrieval of domains that have possibly been usurped with actions of cybersquatting and/or typosquatting.

In this regards, we invite you to contact Kivial, a company of GLP group, that can assist you with the protection of your trademark registered with domain names.

E-mail: info@kivial.it
+39 0432 506388
Fax: +39 0432 202064


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