Activation of new extension .XXX of domain names

1 September 2011

From 7 September 2011 the new extension of Internet domain names .XXX will be activated, to identify web sites with adults-only content.

As for the launch of the new extensions .EU and .ASIA in the past, for this extension too a procedure (“sunrise”) has been prepared, reserved for owners of distinctive signs and pre-existent rights, in order to give better protection against possible cybersquatting (for purposes of profit or unfair competition): the start-up of the register includes a priority for those who are already operating with trademarks and web sites inside the adult entertainment market, and for those who want to protect their trademarks (unrelated to such contents) to prevent third parties from creating web sites with their distinctive signs.

Unlike what happened with other extensions, the protection for owners of registered trademarks does not entail a registration proper of the domain, with all the consequent costs of maintenance in the future, but only a freeze on registration by third parties for a period of 10 years.

We therefore advise that trademark owners should take action to protect their distinctive signs in the pre-emptive step envisaged by the Register, thus avoiding possible expenses in future to recover a domain that has been usurped, and above all preventing their distinctive sign from being connected with web sites that have questionable contents.

With this in mind, we invite you to contact our sister Company Kivial, who will be able to support the claims of your registered trademarks and activate the protection of any .XXX domain names that may coincide therewith.

Specific contacts for .XXX domains: dotxxx@kivial.it
+39 0432 506388
Fax: +39 0432 202064


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