Transparency, Amazon's anti-counterfeiting service, arrives in Europe

The eCommerce giant has announced the expansion of its Amazon Transparency service in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, India and Canada. 22 July 2019

Amazon broadly extends the fight against counterfeiting of original products through its Transparency service, which represents Amazon's latest investment in scalable technology solutions to prevent counterfeiting.

In the United States, to date, more than 4,000 Transparency trademarks have been registered, generating more than 300 million unique codes and allowing Amazon to preventively block more than 250,000 counterfeit products before they reach customers.

Transparency is a product traceability service that allows the creation of a unique code for each unit, which is translated into a QR code applicable to the individual article thanks to which it is possible to verify its authenticity to limit the phenomenon of counterfeiting.

Trademark owners apply these codes to their products and, every time one of them is ordered on Amazon, the marketplace scans the code and verifies it to ensure that only authentic units can reach customers. Companies can also use Transparency to communicate information of a unique nature relating to the individual product unit, such as date, place or further details.

Customers, on the other hand, can scan the code and verify the authenticity of products purchased using an app.


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