GLP is collaborating with Area Science Park on the development of the innovation system in Croatia

A training course for the Croatian Chamber of Economy in the field of intellectual property 6 February 2019

To implement activities and initiatives that contribute to the economic development of the Republic of Croatia, to promote the competitiveness of companies, to facilitate innovative startups and enhance the research system: in this context GLP is collaborating with Area Science Park, in the framework of a project entrusted to it by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia (MGPO).

GLP task will be to carry out training activities in the field of intellectual property.

The project – coordinated by Area – intends to adopt best practices, methodologies and operational tools for innovation, technology transfer and exploitation of research that have been successfully tested in our country: it is part of an articulated series of initiatives by the Croatian government to promote the newly established National Innovation System.

Mr. Lorenzo Fabro – Deputy Manager of GLP Patent Department – will be the speaker during the two-day training course for the staff of the Croatian Chamber of Economy. The course aims to provide an overview of intellectual property and best practices to be adopted for structured and strategic protection.

The workshop will be held on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 February at the Zagreb office of the Croatian Chamber of Economy - Sector for industrial development and innovation (SIRAZIS).


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