New EUIPO study on counterfeiting of tyres and batteries

Direct loss of near 8,400 jobs due to lost sales 2 March 2018

In a recent study by EUIPO entitled “The economic cost of the IPR infringiment in the tyres and batteries sector” it arises that every year, due to the counterfeiting, the European Union looses 2.2 billion euros (7.5% of all the sales) in the tyres sector and 180 million euros (1.8% of all sales) in the batteries sector.

The lost sales caused by the counterfeiting of tyres and batteries bring to the direct loss of 8,400 jobs between the two sectors. The total loss for the public entrances amounts to 340 billion euros in terms of taxes not collected.

In the study arises that Finland is the less impressed land by counterfeiting in relative terms (respectlively 3.1% and 0.8%) while Lithuania is the most impressed state with real high indices (19.2% and 5.0%). The greatest impact in absolute terms occurs in Spain, where the loss of sales due to counterfeiting of tyres and batteries amounts to 477 million euros.

Also the security and envoirment damages are consequences caused by this products. Often a counterfit product is not distinguishable from a legitimate one. The consumer could unintentionally buy unsafe and low quality products because in many cases counterfit products are not subjected to warranty tests, here because there is an high risk for the drivers and others on the road.


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