Exhibit and book "Arturo Malignani: The Man with the Future in his Eyes (a Private Portrait)"

Dedicated to the Italian inventor and entrepreneur 28 September 2015

On Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 the exhibit “The Man with the Future in his Eyes (a Private Portrait)”, dedicated to Arturo Malignani, inventor and entrepreneur, will be inaugurated in the Gallerie del Progetto – Palazzo Morpurgo in Udine and it will be open to the public until January 17th, 2016.

The project, curated by Elena Commessatti, writer, and Federico Malignani, great-grandson of the inventor, presents 130 unreleased pictures, revealing an original portrait of Malignani, as a valuable European photographer, and it celebrates the personality of a man first and foremost, a scientific and modern genius, and one of the greatest businessperson in his time as well.

On the occasion of the exhibition and the 150th anniversary of Arturo Malignani's birth (1865-1939), the book “Arturo Malignani: The Man with the Future in his Eyes (a Private Portrait)” by Elena Commessatti, will be published by Forum, editor.

The outstanding bilingual volume (Italian-English) represents the exhibit's catalogue, but also brings to life the tale of a man who changed the History and illuminated the world, selling to Thomas Alva Edison his “process of evacuating incandescent lamps”. Due to this cooperation, Udine was among the first cities in the world, boasting floodlit streets.

GLP – Intellectual Property Office is the main sponsor of this remarkable publication, and it has proudly contributed in marking the history of the inventor, with the included dialogue between the founder Gilberto Luigi Petraz and the writer, on Malignani's experience in the Intellectual Property's sphere.

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