EUROPEAN UNION: a new undertaking in the enforcement of intellectual property

Recently the European Commission instituted a Commission of Experts to enforce intellectual property rights 22 October 2014

The plan of action, announced last July by the European Commission, defines a series of actions intended to make EU policy regarding the respect of intellectual property rights concentrate particularly on infringements on a commercial scale.

The strategy of the action plan concentrates on examining recent changes and illustrates how the instruments that the Commission currently has at its disposal can be improved; this is to promote more rigorous norms regarding intellectual property rights in third countries, and to stop the trade in goods that infringe these rights.

With regard to the action plan drawn up by the European Commission to contrast infringements of intellectual property, on a European and national level, on 16 September a Commission of Experts was instituted for the respect of intellectual property.

The experts's task will be to stimulate cooperation between the Commission and member States. In particular they will assist the EU Commission in preparing and actuating political initiatives intended to facilitate the exchange of regulatory experiences and best practices between member States.


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