Company secrets: more and more companies understand their importance

In the context of free competition and market globalization, the protection of company secrets has a strategic role for enterprises 23 September 2014

From the production process to marketing, there is a long list of information which cannot be patented.

Technical or commercial information, for the owner, represents a big economic value and an advantage over competitors.

Unfortunately, many companies understand the importance of this information only when it is taken away from them and it is at this critical juncture that they realize they possessed something of value, not only economic, which deserved to be protected.

Recently, the International Chamber of Commerce published a study underlining the fundamental strategic importance of this information, and gave some data that make us pause for thought…

The theft of commercial secrets is a well-known problem to company managements who, despite their best efforts, are more and more aware of their vulnerability.
In the US, for example, the cases of theft of commercial secrets doubled between 1995 and 2004, and it is predicted that they will double again by 2017. In the EU the situation is no different: about 20% of those interviewed in a recent survey said they had experienced at least one attempted or successful misappropriation in the last 10 years.


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